Our Story


It all began with one warrior woman.  A woman with a history so colourful it would lead to either far reaching wisdom or her demise.   Sixteen years ago, after untangling her own messy life, Michelle Zelli was on a mission to help people through their own shifts, transformations and life changes.  Michelle is a renowned and powerful coach who leads from the front, guiding others to be the very best version of themselves.   The Work can be tough at times but Michelle expertly navigates and guides each person to connect to their own higher power. Many of her clients find a deep Universal connection which previously they doubted was possible.

In 2015, a slightly dishevelled and wounded warrior rocked up at MZ’s Coaching Clinic in Richmond. A sunny August day, needing some of the MZ Magic her friend had raved about.  That woman was Cat Raincock, a beautiful soul, unbeknown to her, with a fractured spirit.  With some resistance at first, Cat sensed the need to push through and was soon on her own exciting path of self discovery and singing MZs’  ‘expect miracles’ tagline to anyone who’d listen!   Cat used the ‘rocky start’ with The Work to begin to learn who she really was.  She soon discovered a natural affinity and threw herself into healing, practice and study,  finding her purpose and plugging into a new found joy for life.

MZ and Cat both intuitively knew they were destined to become more than client/coach acquaintances and soon they’d sprung a magical and profound friendship.  Meeting up regularly to discover, inspire, create, vibe and laugh over a green smoothie, or an occasional bottle of fizz , they chatting for hours about life’s mysteries and awe.  It was those moments that inspired them to do something together, they knew they had a plan but they didn’t know what it was! They could feel the Universe working through them and held the space, along with their curiosity, whilst opening themselves as willing hosts.  Learning as they went, Creating processes, they listened intently to a whispered but nonetheless indisputable guidance and went with the flow.    The synchronicities were mind blowing, leaving them in no doubt the Universe had a plan, now unfolding before their very eyes.

They practiced what MZ preached, took dollops of their own medicine and got out of their own way.  They worked and experimented relentlessly to discover new methodologies, allowing themselves to open even further to the Universal Magic and the wonders of manifesting.  Whether they were in Ibiza with Peruvian Shamans or  closer to home in The English Countryside, they suspended their doubts, fears and assumptions to conduct a wide range of experiments.  Buoyed by a consistent flow of magic they  became ever more determined to understand how to connect to Source.  Their adventures were hotbeds for great stories they still recite with a worldly but wide-eyed enchantment.   Nothing shocked them more than the neon signs, messages and synchronicities sent to teach and guide them.    

They were shown a path and purpose to connect, educate, stimulate, inspire, entertain, empower - in other words to conspire with women ready to step into their power - however that might look for them. 

Diligently they worked through their past together, the triggers were painful but with growing their knowing, they willingly stepped outside their comfort zones with an obligation to get their message and spiritual life hacks out to the masses.  

The Universe delivered in Spring 2017, with an invitation for Michelle to speak at a Personal Development Seminar, which led to her hosting her own sell-out Autumn Event in Central London.  That moment shaped their destiny, it was game on!  The rest, as they say, is history.  Michelle invited Cat to speak alongside her, whilst recruiting another talented blonde bombshell Julia Cameron De Villiers, who was no stranger to The Work, having gone through a huge personal transformation herself with The Zelli Process. Julia went on to become a master manifestor and FSP speaker.  

The unique and potent alchemy between the trio lit them up to discover a new level of spirituality and  creativity . The power of their shared vision, complimentary skill sets and commitment to personal growth was contagious. They created a sisterhood, where mutual support, encouragement,  creativity and play provide a solid foundation for dream weaving.  FSP Boardrooms are quirky nooks and crannies dotted around London which ignite and inspire in a myriad of ways.   

In August 2017 Feminine SuperPowers was born.  

This is just the beginning of this extraordinary story.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’re blessed to have you on board.

When women connect, unite and conspire in positive ways, expect miracles.

Nothing less will do.