About Us



Cat Raincock is a leading self-esteem coach and clinical hypnotherapist, dedicated to working with women. It was her own meltdown that followed the birth of her two kids, and her subsequent transformation, that compelled her to help other women rewrite their story and fulfil their potential. 

London born Cat has always had a spiritual side. Growing up she would often ask herself ‘Is there more to life as we know it?’ and frequently explored the universal mysteries of life. 

When Cat began working with Michelle Zelli she rekindled those inner conversations and reconnected with her inner powerful feminine. She ‘knew’ there really was more to life and something deep in her was compelled to seek it out. 

Cat's careers in media and interior design left her unfulfilled - it was time to make change and take a route less travelled. She closed her eyes tight, prayed hard and took a giant leap of faith, a decision she thanks herself for regularly. 

Soon Cat was able to embrace a new paradigm, one of undisputed universal magic, and apply it to her own life. She has since been following the warriors path, with awe and many WTF’s a day! She has gone on to shine her light and achieve goals she never thought were possible. Hearing her inner calling, she now helps women to find their own unique sparkle, inner power and to live their truth. She knows women matter. 



Michelle Zelli is the ultimate leading edge psycho-spiritual coach. She uniquely blends her Blue Chip board-level background with shamanic, spiritual wisdom and cutting edge science. 

She has transformed her own life from difficult childhood through to successful executive and onto leading coach. She is relentless in her own mission for self-mastery and teaching others to find their own powerful path. This dedication has seen her train with the very best globally. She has since become a secret weapon for celebrities and CEO’s worldwide. 

Through her breakthrough processes Michelle has enabled countless others to transcend the wounds and beliefs which have held them stuck. MZ specialises in fast and effective processes which free her clients and allow them to live a life they love. At 56, Michelle leads from the front, lighting the way for all those seeking to own their inner rock star. 

As a speaker, her unique interactive style leaves audiences inspired and empowered to take action, whilst honouring their individual uniqueness. 

She is often described as 'The Real Fairy Godmother' by those who work with her due to her combination of wise, straight up, honest guidance that packs a loving but impactful punch. 

Michelle lives in Richmond, West London with her shaggy-rescue-dog Lily and has a passion for hip-hop, dancing and nature. She believes in magic, channels The Universe and has a penchant for saving our four legged furry friends. 



Julia's extraordinary family heritage features feminist icons and trailblazing women such as writer Virginia Woolf and pioneer photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Her desire to unleash her creative feminine superpowers certainly runs in the family. 

Julia Cameron De Villiers is a multi-expressive creative. An opportunity magnet and people connector, who consistently and magically, turns dreams into reality. 

She’s known for having her finger on life’s pulse, a girl who knows how to work a room and light it up in neon. 

Jules is featured extensively in the media, contributing articles to magazines such as Well + Happy and Hip & Healthy. She is the go to blogger for innovative, creative and wellness brands such as Rebel Rebel and Soul Seed Media. She has designed jewellery worn by celebrities and featured across multiple titles including Harpers Bazaar. 

She has spoken at TedX and is the Co-Founder of psycho-spiritual personal transformation events for women, Feminine Superpowers.